Parrotheads Bring Homemade Toilets To Jimmy Buffett Show

At an outdoor concert there’s a good chance you may have to wait in line to use a port-a-potty if you’ve already scrapped the option of going like the bears do. What happens when you don’t want to wait in line and you’re not keen on going in the woods? Some Parrotheads solved that problem by creating and taking homemade toilets to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Massachusetts. By the way, Parrotheads are like Deadheads but for Jimmy Buffett.

Although Mansfield police warned fans against the practice, people still showed up to Buffett’s concert Saturday at the Xfinity Center with homemade toilets. Lt. Sam Thompson said the most common type was a five gallon bucket with a foam pool noodle serving as the seat. He went on to say that between 75 and 100 people were told to take down their toilets, but seven to 10 were left behind after the show came to an end.

That's just nasty

That’s just nasty

According to Chief Ronald Sellon, the portable toilets bring some problems. It’s “unsanitary and just disrespectful” to make others pick up and get rid of the toilets. Also, the toilets are a health code violation. Sounds like some people spent a little too much time in Margaritaville.


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