Upwards Of 300 Reindeer Die In Freak Norwegian Accident

According to this bit of news, we’re not going to have a merry Christmas this year. It seems that a great number of reindeer have gone real up north… as in meeting their maker (or Santa’s workshop in the sky) thanks to a lightning storm in Oslo.

I was going to make a

I was going to make a “Norwegia” joke, but it turns out that’s what Noway is called in its mother-tongue.

Some 323 reindeer were found dead due to a lightning storm. In addition, five of the survivors had to be euthanized courtesy of the injuries they sustained. It’s not exactly unheard of for reindeer to be killed in groups, as they are social animals known for travelling in packs. What’s more, the bad weather probably scared the poor reindeer into staying close to each other for protection —  a plan that clearly failed.

However, Norwegian officials claim that such a death toll is rather unusual.

This is why I don't have any friends...a social life can sure be murder!

And you wonder why I don’t have any friends…a social life can sure be murder!

It’s unusual. We’ve never seen anything like this on this scale,” the Norwegian Environment Agency’s Kjartan Knutsen said in a released statement. “We’re going to decide soon whether to let nature run its own course or whether we will do something.” As they were believed to be wild reindeer, it is unlikely that Norway will face serious financial repercussions over this.

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On the plus side, the Norwegian venison market is looking better and better.

And in other news, it is up to Dominic the Christmas Donkey to save Christmas this year. Italians have been keeping all that donkey goodness for themselves for way too long, anyway.


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