Oscar Isaac Covers Bill Murray’s “Star Wars” Theme

In honor of May 4th, aka International Star Wars day, we’ve dug up this recent classic to go along with our comprehensive list of Star Wars GIFs.

Back in 1978, a certain Bill Murray was one of the comedians on Saturday Night Live, when it was still good, and Star Wars: A New Hope, was about a year old. Murray was playing one of his regular characters, lounge singer Nick Winters, and belted out a totally new tune to play on the recent success of A New Hope.

What we got was this:

The original is surprisingly difficult to find, but the above will suffice. So, last year, Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) covered the song for GQ and it’s one of those cases where the cover is better than the original.

You may not know this, but Isaac can actually play the guitar and his ability to play helped him land his big break in Llewyn Davis. So, sit back and enjoy some smooth Star Wars music, courtesy of X-wing pilot Poe and check out the Murray one as well.

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