Ace Ventura Was Right: Dolphins See In 3D

It’s amazing what 3D printers can do these days. Thanks to them, we now have a visual representation of how dolphins see. Not sure that Ace ever specifically mentioned their eyesight, but it got you intrigued… didn’t it?


The project was an collaboration between researchers in the United Kingdom and Miami, Florida. The images were produced partially by studying echolocation directed toward specific objects, which create two-dimensional sounds. The team was then able to reproduce the image in 3D using photo analysis technology.

We were thrilled by the first successful print of a cube by the brilliant team at 3D Systems. But seeing the 3D print of a human being left us all speechless. For the first time ever, we may be holding in our hands a glimpse into what cetaceans see with sound. Nearly every experiment is bringing us more images with more detail.” Said researcher researcher Jack Kassewitz.

Now, you may be asking yourself, why on earth… or under the sea… do we need to know about dolphin eyesight? Well, it might be connected to their language. Yep, dolphin language.

We’ve been working on dolphin communication for more than a decade,” said Kassewitz. “When we discovered that dolphins not exposed to the echolocation experiment could identify objects from recorded dolphin sounds with 92% accuracy, we began to look for a way for to see what was in those sounds.” The team’s ultimate goal is to develop a sono-pictorial language.

And we all know that we need to learn to understand the language of the dolphins, and quick.


Otherwise this is gonna be happening a lot

[Speak Dolphin]

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