North Korea To Get Its Own Time-Zone

Don’t you just love it when Daylight Saving’s ends and we all get to sleep or do whatever for an extra hour? Well, North Korea is going to have that luxury very soon, at least in some way.

Tick tock….tick tock…

According to reports from the BBC, North Korea is planning to be develop a new time zone to separate it from other Asian territories. The new time will be 30 minutes ahead of the current time. This will also help even out the time zone, as it was already 8.5 hours ahead of the GMT, and will now be a clean 8 hours. As mentioned, this will differentiate it from other Asian countries, including South Korea and Japan, which are actually 9 hours ahead of the GMT.

The idea is not as revolutionary as one would think. According to sources, North Korea is simply going back to the time that it had before it was colonized by the Japanese in 1910. The move is even said to be have been called by Korean officals as a sign of  “the unshakable faith and will of the service personnel and people on the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation” from “wicked Japanese imperialists.” The move is also believed to be influenced by the Venezuelan government changing their time zone in 2007, in what was said to be an attempt to  grant the people a “more fair distribution of the sunrise”.

The idea has been criticized as an escapist tactic by the government to distract the 25 million North Koreans, who likely have more serious issues at hand. For example, the country is currently in the midst of a severe drought that is reportedly brought around 10 million of the country’s population into hunger and famine. This certainly has not been the first accusations of despotism and manipulation by the North Korean government.

I’m so lonely, oh so lonely

The switch is planned to take effect on August 15.

Via: FortuneBBC

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