Nissan’s New Concept Car Is… Interesting

We get it, smart cars are in now. But Nissan’s new concept for their Teatro for Dayz, seriously that’s the name, is really just a bit much.

The oddly named vehicle will feature displays on displays on displays. Really, the entire interior is pretty much one big conglomerate of customizable LED panels. Nissan wants users to connect and share while inside the car, since driving and listening to music just isn’t enough these days.

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That looks REEEEALLLY distracting. Ahem. If you’re the kind of fickle person who feels the incessant need to customize everything every week then this is the car for you. The seats, headrests, door trim and dash are all customizable, so enjoy your ridiculous car, just try and keep your eyes on the road. Really wish I could say more about this… oh, wait! It’s electric, so there’s that. If you want the full specs you can check it out here, i really just can’t with this thing.


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