Nintendo Reveals New Zelda Wii U Footage

A Nintendo Direct presentation that took place today, November 12, 2015, you know… in case you came from the future, gave us a brief glimpse of some new Zelda Wii U footage. The game is still scheduled to come out in 2016, which is great because I have some catching up to do.

As of now it’s still a Wii U title, but we know how these things go and that could change in the coming months. The game was supposed to come out this year, but delays have back it up to March of 2016. Again, that’s not a huge deal and I could certainly use these few months to play catch-up with the last two major titles.  What’s more, producer Eiji Aonuma told IGN that the game’s open world will include a “surprise twist.” Okay, now I’m getting antsy! You can check out the trailer released last year below. Skip to about 3 minutes to get straight to it. There’s also a gameplay trailer directly below it. We’ve got your back, lads!

Are you as excited about this as we are? Tell us just how excited on Facebook and/or Twitter. Seriously, this game looks GORGEOUS. Time to go replay every Zelda game ever made… brb.

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