NFL Source Claims Brady Will Still Miss Four Games

Just when you thought deflategate was over it seems there’s another plot twist that M. Night Shyamalan would be proud of. On the popular radio show “Boomer and Carton”, WFAN host Craig Carton said he spoke with a “very influential person in the NFL” on Thursday. Carton insists that the unnamed individual told him “there’s no doubt in his mind” that Patriots QB Tom Brady will serve a four-game suspension  sometime this season after the NFL’s appeal is heard.


BRB, gotta talk to Kraft about this

Carton also reports that Rodger Goodell and the NFL are trying to get the appeal expedited to rectify Goodell’s violation of his own rules. “What this person doesn’t realize,” WFAN co-host Boomer Esiason retorted, “(is) that they all felt the same way prior to Judge Berman’s ruling. But what they didn’t know is that Judge Berman was going out to The Hamptons to hang out with (Patriots owner) Bob Kraft.” But that wasn’t all he had to say.

“…I don’t buy it. I know they want to expedite an appeal, but there’s so many other things on the docket at these courts. Is this really that important to somebody? I know it’s important to the NFL.”

Quite frankly, I’m with Boomer on this one. The rumor mill is alive and well, and while it’s really fun in soccer’s transfer market it’s not all that entertaining when it pertains to silly shit like this. Brady got off, end of story. Pretty sure double jeopardy applies in NFL courts as well. But, if for some magical reason he does get slammed with the four game ban then it’s great news for the AFC East… well, everyone else in the division.


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