NFL Hall Of Famer Tells Rookies To Get A “Fall Guy”

When you’re a Hall of Fame player there’s a certain level of tact and awareness that you need to have when addressing younger players. You’re supposed to be a role model for them and a representative of the league.

This is something that former Eagles, Vikings and Dolphins wide receiver Cris Carter forgot when speaking at the 2014 Rookie Symposium. A lot of players as of late have been getting themselves into a great deal of legal trouble, so his advice to them was to make sure they have a “fall guy” to go to jail for them.

Initially, Carter was protected by ESPN, who refrained from naming the man responsible for the advice because he was on their books. This was revealed in an ESPN feature and Carter, along with other Hall of Fame players, like Warren Sapp, were in attendance. In fact, Sapp agreed with Carter’s comments.

“If you all got a crew, you got to have a fall guy in the crew,” Carter said. “If you all have a crew, one of those fools got to know, he’s the one going to jail. We’ll get him out.” Said Carter.

Sapp then repeated, “We’ll get him out.” It was former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland who brought these comments to light, but it took a great deal of time for the NFL and ESPN to distance themselves from Carter and the advice. The full video of the speech was on the NFL website until yesterday when the news of this forced the NFL’s hand and made them remove it. This is the kind of culture we’re promoting in the league, and when our HOF players are backing it you know there’s an even bigger problem at hand.

Carter has since apologized for the year old video, but the damage is already done.

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