NFL Admits Officials Botched The Cowboys/Giants Game

The opening week of NFL action was certainly an odd one that came complete with some questionable calls and tough losses. The NY Giants were one of those teams who got crushed by poor officiating and ridiculous internal errors.

If you watched the game you certainly noticed a few awful decisions by the refs including the softest pass interference call this side of Candyland and a no-call on the Cowboys for blatant holding in the endzone. Now Kim Jones of the NFL Network has revealed via Twitter that the NFL acknowledges the mistakes they made during the Cowboys’ victory over the Giants.

In case you missed it, this is the phantom pass interference call on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.


The PI call was made on a Cowboys third down, which then set up a first and allowed Jason Witten to haul in his first of two touchdowns. Then there’s Barry Church, who was practically a leech on Giants tight end Daniel Fells.


That’s well outside of the five-yard limit, if you can’t tell. So take your pick. That’s either holding or illegal contact. Need a more clear image? How’s this?


The first down they should’ve been awarded would’ve allowed NY to kneel the ball a few times and run out the clock. Instead the Gmen decided to launch the ball on third down instead of running it and then bam. The field goal gets kicked and the Cowboys march down the field to make Jerry Jones and Jason Witten fantasy owners ecstatic. So the NFL knows they got it wrong, but there’s no reversing the result and the Giants, instead of having a head of steam, have a rut to get themselves out of. It’s not a huge rut, but a loss like that is certainly demoralizing, so we’ll see how the season progresses.

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