New Damage Records Release Summer Sampler

Toronto-based hardcore punk and heavy rock label New Damage Records may only be in its third year of operation, but the catalog they boast is deeper than some of the indies twice their age.

Featuring nearly three dozen bands on their roster, New Damage has a steady stream of digital and physical releases, merchandise, and tours to keep fans satisfied. The label features Like Pacific, a #ViralPirateRadio alum, Silverstein, Architects and many more.

Newcomers to the label and those who may be looking to further familiarize themselves with New Damages range of artists are in for a treat with their “Summer Sampler,” a playlist featuring a well-rounded hour of music. Those of you who are into the pop-punk and rock scene should give it a listen. You might just find something you dig.

Be sure to check out the mixtape or playlist for your virtual fiends on Spotify and keep up to date with planned shows on their website.

Rock on, dudes and dudettes.


Eric Cullen is a multimedia artist and musician, known as Cully on the stage and in the hearts of many. When you're done reading his wonderful musings on music, art, and culture you can check out his music on Soundcloud under the moniker Coolest Cully.