Nerdgasm: Ocarina of Time’s Death Mountain Crater In UE4

Every time one of these videos pops up it makes me cry inside just a little bit… mainly because Nintendo haven’t remade OOT in Unreal Engine 4 yet.

In fact, how about we get this wee little petition rolling and see if they’ll at least consider it.

Anyway, CryZENx has graced us with yet another gorgeous UE4 rendering and this time it’s of Death Mountain Crater. Seriously, this dude is so good at this stuff that the latest video became a trending topic on Facebook, which proves that Zuckerberg and his coders really are nerds… and we love it.

Wonder if CryZENx will start making original games at some point or if a major studio will get their act together and pick up the dude’s work. And just in case you missed it, here’s a rendering of the Great Fairy’s Fountain done by, you guessed it, the UE4 master.

Give this person a job, please.

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