Neil Patrick Harris Uses The Golden Buzzer On AGT

Neil Patrick Harris joined the judges on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent” and was given more power than He-Man. NPH had control of the fabled Golden Buzzer. If an act really impressed Harris, he could hit the buzzer and sent that act straight through to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. A grand total of 20 acts performed for the judges, but only seven of ’em got the chance to move on to the next round.

The lucky Golden Buzzer recipient was Piff the Magic Dragon. He brought his adorable chihuahua assistant, Mr. Piffles, with him for his act. Piff’s grumpy dragon humor entertained the judges before he even started the trick, which is always a good thing. After judge Heidi Klum picked a card, Piff went to work and made sure Mr. Piffles was ready to find her card. In the end, he made the card appear in the oddest of places, a can of dog food Klum held during the trick.

After the trick was finished, Piff made a ham and cheese sandwich and took a bite as the judges were ready to share their thoughts on the trick. When judge Howie Mandel asked Piff if he couldn’t wait to eat the sandwich, Piff explained how the dog food onstage made him hungry. Harris enjoyed the act and said there was no need for the judges to deliberate, as he pressed the Golden Buzzer. As a token of his appreciation, Piff gave Harris the sandwich he made. He also fist bumped the judges before he made his way off stage, perhaps as a slightly happier dragon.

Via: Rickey

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