Need To Say “I Told You So”? There’s An App For That

One phrase that manages to get under the skin like no other is “I told you so.” Alright, that’s debatable, but it is annoying being told that.

So, some geniuses came up with the brilliant idea of creating an app called IKI (I Knew It), which, if downloaded, verifies the fact that you are a raging douche. Basically, it’s a digital, gamified record of shit you knew or could guess correctly. For instance, if I tell you that “you’ll never amount to anything” and that turns out to be true, then I get points. Seriously, that’s pretty much how it works.

Upon opening the app you’ll have 20 seconds to make a decision via a Tinder-esque swiping mechanism. Swipe right if you agree with someone else’s prediction and swipe left if you think it’s a load of barnacles. I know this because I went ahead and downloaded the app… for the sake of proper journalism, of course.


Not a chance

My first option asked me if Steve Wynn will apologize before 4/12/16 for saying, “Nobody likes being around poor people.” Naturally, I said he wouldn’t… I didn’t even know who that dude was until I Googled him for the hyperlink in that quote. After finding out that he’s a casino mogul I felt even more confident in my answer.

Anyway, the app lets you add your own questions and will allow you to pull a picture from Google just in case you do’t have one handy. Add a comment of up to 140 characters and other users will be able to swipe on it if it’s approved. If this sounds like a blast to you then you can pick it up for iOS on the App store. All you Androids nerds will have to wait until later this year.


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