French Rockers TALIA Impress With Video For American Bride

French rockers TALIA show off energy and angst-driven rock and roll in their music video for “American Bride.” The track can be found on the groups 2015 release titled Thugs They Look Like Angels.

This Parisian three-piece outfit is influenced by ’90s acts like The Pixies, Hole, and Nirvana — adding their own edge to their distortion-driven sound.

You’ll love the slick design and building tension of the visual counterpart for “American Bride.” TALIA singer Nicolas Costa joins the band and shreds off the pressure of knowing that a billion hours of hard work hasn’t attracted the American Bride he so desperately desires. Bummer, man.

Be sure to check out TALIA’s website and follow their Facebook page for updates as the group attacks 2017 full throttle… something something DANGER ZONE.