Washington Woman Gets French Horn Back After Five Years

We’ve all been told at some point or another to “lock the car.” It’s always a good idea, especially if valuable items are inside. One Washington state woman will likely do that in the future, as she had to wait five long years to recover her French horn after it was stolen from her car.

In 2010, business immigration attorney Terry Preshaw of Mukilteo left her Finke Triple Horn in her unlocked car. When she returned to her car after work, the horn was gone. Last week, she received a phone call and learned the horn resurfaced. Five years after the horn was swiped, someone bought the instrument, found out it was stolen and decided to return the horn to its rightful owner. Sounds like Pawn Stars gone bad… or Hardcore Pawn.


Preshaw’s love of the French horn came in middle school, after her music teacher recommended she give it a try. As she entered her teens, she wanted to become a professional musician. She learned there were better players in college, but she kept her passion for music.

She bought her first French horn after college, but she sold it to pay for law school. She eventually bought another horn, a Holton, that suffered damage. In 2009, she discovered the Finke horn that was eventually stolen from her. She spent $6,500 for the horn, which was about half the cost of a new model. The horn was taken the following year.


A man bought the Finke horn in a Redmond pawn shop in 2011. A fake serial number was added to the horn as the real serial number was melted off the horn. After he found news stories about the horn’s theft, he realized how important the horn was to Preshaw and returned it to her on July 30 at the Everett police station. She was stunned and grateful to get her horn back.

Via: The Seattle Times

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