P&G Get With The Times And Reboots Mr. Clean

The Mr. Clean mascot is getting a reboot, complete with a human actor who was chosen in the #NextMrClean contest. Hopefully  this means that the company will retire those creepy uncanny-valley CGI commercials sooner rather than later. So, who’s the winner, you ask? None other than Atlanta native Mike Jackson, who wasn’t famous until right about meow.

Though with a name like Mike Jackson he was predestined for greatness

Like the iconic Mr. Clean, Jackson is bald, handsome, pretty physically imposing and has that trendy gold hoop earring. He’s not clean-shaven, though, so we’re not sure if Proctor & Gamble will make the man shave when he actually becomes Mr. Clean. Ironically, I think the goatee makes him look less like a genie than the original Mr. Clean, even though genies often have facial hair. The jury is still out if Mr. Clean is a genie or not; he could just be a playful bohemian, though to be fair, he does actually live in a bottle.

That’s usually a tell-tale sign when it comes to genies.

The sports marketer truly is the heir apparent to Mr. Clean’s character, as his chat with Yahoo revealed: “I’m actually kind of a neat freak,” Jackson said. “I’m kind of OCD in my home. Over the holidays I had my family over, and my mom would, you know, move things and I would have to move them back. I don’t think too many guys care about that kind of stuff, but, like, I care about how dishes are washed.”

As the winner, Mr. Jackson will get to participate in Mr. Clean’s first ever Super Bowl ad spot at Duffy Square in NYC’s Times Square on January 26, 2017. He is also expected to participate in other events that might involve saving the world by cleaning the scum out of the White House… one can dream.

Mr. Clean has been tough on grease and grime for 60 years and we’re confident that Mike has what it takes,” said Kevin Wenzel, who serves as the associate brand director of NA Surface Care, P&G. “We had so many great entries in #TheNextMrClean contest and we are very thankful for everyone’s enthusiasm and participation.” The company had also teased the idea of Mr. Clean becoming flesh in a recently released video, albeit made prior to Jackson’s appointment.


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