More Proof That Hunter S. Thompson Was Off His Rocker

It’s no secret that The Rum Diary author Hunter S. Thompson was just a bit mad. And by “just a bit” we mean clinically insane.

He was an incredibly gifted writer, but he was, as Esquire so elegantly put it, an “enthusiast.” He was a gun enthusiast, an alcohol enthusiast, a drug enthusiast and found comfort in the bizarre, weird and wild. His 67 years on planet Earth, which we’re not entirely sure he’s from, were littered with moments of sheer madness. One of them, which was caught on tape, shows Thompson having a shootout with his neighbor in Colorado over an alleged livestock dispute.

the whole story starts with Thompson busting his neighbor’s chops for using bird shot, he then goes on to say “this son of a bitch want to bitch about his cows over here,” before firing off some shots. In true Hunter S. Thompson fashion, he then goes on about American democracy, and explains that the country belongs “to us” and not to “used car salesmen from Southern California.”

You can’t make this shit up.

And just remember that “In democracy, you have to be a player.”

The great thing is that this is just one of a few vides of Thompson that have surfaced as of late. Another shows him carrying out his annual tradition of setting his Christmas tree ablaze. Which, admittedly, seems pretty tame for him. Keep in mind, this is a guy who stole antlers from Hemingway’s home after visiting on assignment, invented a sport called shotgun golf, discharged a fire extinguisher on the founder of Rolling Stone, and had his ashes shot into the stratosphere by a 150 foot cannon.

Did we mention he was one hell of a writer and journalist?


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