Paramount’s “Monster Trucks” Surprises Even Paramount At The Box Office

Let’s face it, Hollywood is really struggling to produce original content. So much so that they’ve gone ahead and put together this little gem called “Monster Trucks.” The family feature tells the story of a high school loner who befriends a monster, and then they build trucks together… because that’s what kids and monsters do when they hang out, apparently.

That said, the film shocked pretty much everyone when it hit the box office last weekend, as it raked in a cool $15 million — beating “Rogue One” with regards to ticket sales. Below is the trailer, just in case you’re like us and had no idea that “Monster Trucks” was even a real movie.

Interestingly enough, Paramount expected the film to completely fail, even going so far as to release a statement that they had endured “a programming impairment charge… related to the expected performance of an unreleased film,” and having all but disowned the film before it was even released. Ouch.

This is some “Little Engine that Could” shenanigans right here.

Critics appeared to hate the film, but audiences [apparently]  liked it. According to social media tracking firm Relishmix, “Monster Trucks is reaching its target audience of parents with small children, many of whom are saying how excited their son will be to see this movie in theaters. While convo is light in its volume compared to other family animated movies, overall, it’s positive.”

That said, the film is still technically a box office bomb, as the $15 million opening is merely a fraction of the $125 million it cost to make the film, and it has only grossed $29 million to the date of this article being published. Cinema is a bizarre business, isn’t it?

And wtf kind of monster is that?

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