Mimi LaRue’s Satirical Songs Take No Prisoners

Mimi LaRue is a musical satire queen from NYC who’ been taking no prisoners as of late.

Taking aim at the bland yet booming mainstream country pop scene that has swept the nation in the last decade, Mimi’s latest video titled Country Star is… well, raunchier than you may expect.

Mimi is honestly like a mix of Lady Gaga and Weird Al — minus the glitz. Miss LaRue has also put out songs and videos that  skewer mainstream pop and heckle hip hop, because she’s an equal opportunity employer.

I feel like I could have come across these music videos on Adult Swim at some point, probably at 3AM in between episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Check out the Country Star video today, and follow Mimi LaRue’s adventures on her Facebook page to keep up with her hilarious hijinks.