The McLaren F1 Owner’s Manual Is A Work Of Art

If you’ve ever seen a McLaren then you know just how awesome the automobile is, but chances are you’ve never had the chance to own one. Understandably so, considering the fact that McLarens usually fetch AT LEAST a quarter of a million dollars. A hefty sum for a fine, exotic ride. But this is a McLaren F1, and if you thought $250,000 was absurd for a car then your jaw will drop when you read this…the F1s go for seven figures, yeah, we’re talking millions here. In fact, one was sold for $10.5 million back in May.


So McLaren figured it’d be nice to do something a little special for their buyers who are shelling out millions on their products. Their idea of ‘nice’ might not tickle everyone’s fancy, but here’s the scoop. The owner’s manual for this particular car is flat out gorgeous; a piece of art in it’s own right, and they’ve even made a video for it.

Rest assured, McLaren, this is not an owner’s manual that will be stuffed into the glovebox, trunk, or find its way under the seat never to be seen again. Think the book is nice? It should be…Mark Roberts, Design Operations Manager for McLaren, hand-sketched the artwork over 20 years ago. Yeah, this was a real piece of genius in the making. Well done, lads.


Via The Verge

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