McDonald’s Employee Fired For Putting His Mixtapes In Happy Meals

Unemployment may have dropped, but it’s still pretty damn hard to get a job these days. Getting fired, on the other hand, is still easy. It’s usually no laughing matter, but getting fired can be very comical. So what do you do when you’re an aspiring rapper working at McDonald’s? The obvious thing to do would be to put a copy of your mixtape in every kid’s Happy Meal. That’s the little act of generosity that got Chicago’s very own Tyshaun Granger fired from his job. But wait, there’s more!


His mixtape, entitled “Tales of A Real N*gga”, prompted an amazing response from a curious parent who found the little gem in her son’s Happy Meal.

“I, like any other parent, would assume that the CD was for children.” Said Sarah Platt. “I played the CD in my car for my son while we drove home and lord Jesus have mercy on Tyshaun, the mixtape was dreadful. Not only was it completely inappropriate, but it was also THE WEAKEST SET OF BARS I’VE EVER HEARD.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Apparently he’d been doing this for a solid two weeks before anyone caught on. That means roughly 300 of his awful mixtapes got out there and no one said a damn thing. So either he’s on the up and up without knowing it or everyone just tossed his gift in the trash when they saw the name of the album sharpied on a paper covering.

Via Huzlers

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