German Artist MC Fitti Professes His Love For Drake

Not everyone loves Drake, but when they do… they really love Drake — just ask German artist MC Fitti. With that being said, this is one of the most delightfully mad things I’ve seen in a while.

Now, things are pretty good for the Germans. They’ve recently been voted the best country in the world and have let us interview one of their YouTube stars. The video above, however, is one of the most bizarre music videos you’ll ever see, and it’s mainly because of Fitti’s lyrics. When you think of 40-year-old German musicians you probably don’t think of dudes with hipster beards, gauges and an undying love for Drake… well, that’s exactly what you get with MC Fitti. I’ve put some of the lyrics below, just so you can get a feel of what’s going on.

Every time I cry, I listen to Drake
And there’s nobody that understands me that well

Cause he listens to me, is always by my side

He also started from the bottom now he’s here

All I want is to listen to Drake and cry

I press play and I’m not alone anymore

He gives me strength, I close my eyes

He tells me that I can make it, I just have to believe it

We talk about girls, we talk about guys

Talk about the game, about fame, Chris Brown and Rihanna

I cry like a baby, yeah

Only with him I can do it on demand, yeah

Seriously, though… watch the video. Watching grown ass men cry when talking about Drake is just  mind-boggling. Also the line “listening to Drake in the club, and when everybody cries, it’s the hook” might have made me go mental. Maybe he’s just taking the piss out of Drake, and that’s more than likely the case… we think, but either way it’s amazing.

The German artist has nearly 500,000 followers on Facebook and 140K on Twitter, so he certainly has a following. Must be nice to receive such high praise from artists around the world!


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