MAYVE Follow Up Debut EP In Style With “Motion”

The members of Long Island-based indie pop band MAYVE are no strangers to the music scene. Following the success of their 2016 debut EP Animals, the group quickly put together a new arrangement called Motion.

The addition of two new members helped them achieve their sonic goals of creating an eccentric, soulful and dreamy EP. The leading track off the album, “You,” provides the ideal balance of rich vibes, musical textures and ambient sounds. For reference, check out their track “Talking To Myself” from the Animals EP to get a feel for their sound.

The hazy, slow moving theme of the title track Motion delves into the emotional creative process and journey the band went through while writing this EP. Their dynamic ability to allow the synth hooks and airy guitar riffs guide its dark, reflective lyrics in songs like “Cruel Intentions” and “Young Blood” heightens the sound of the group as a whole, making this EP stand out from others.

After the release of Animals, the band picked up a cult following  and while they’ve occasionally played in local haunts like Brickhouse Brewery in Nick and Joe’s hometown of Patchogue, the full lineup has also performed for a crowd of over 600 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn with Penguin Prison, Webster Hall in Manhattan and the Coda Nightclub in Philly with Miami Horror. The last group have collaborated with Kimbra, and they’re a pretty big deal, so that tells you what kind of company MAYVE are keeping.

While spending a lot of time focusing on producing their own sound, MAYVE dove into older musical influences from an eclectic range of tunes including ’70s disco and ’80s pop. If you enjoy the rock vibe given off by The Smiths and Depeche Mode then you’ll appreciate the careful songwriting and infectious far out sound raging from this EP. Definitely give them a listen and be sure to check out the group on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud and more. They also have some pretty solid content on their website as well.