May The 4Th Be With You: The Best Star Wars GIFs In The Galaxy

As you may or may not know, depending on whether or not you check your calendar, it’s May 4th… meaning International Star Wars Day.

There’s a holiday for just about everything these days, but we’re cool with this one. It’s a time to dress up in your favorite Star Wars costumes, watch your favorite movies in the series, or all of them, and walk around town growling like Chewie. The possibilities are endless, and so are the GIFs, so we decided to make a list, since everyone loves lists, of the best Star Wars GIFs in the galaxy that evoke all our Star Wars feels.

There’s no telling how good the GIFs are in other galaxies, and if you’ve seen those then just humor us, will ya? Waning, this page may crash your web browser due to awesomeness.

keep-it-stormpilot SWTFA-UK-TV-4 new-star-wars-7-info-suggests-that-rey-could-be-obi-wan-kenobi-s-granddaughter-818184 tumblr_nmwyrtckFG1rvwsfxo2_500-1429215207 tumblr_nxeh56w0lS1qetqrbo3_500 tumblr_nzkzf3d9yH1uasa0go1_500 star-wars-the-force-awakens-melee-stormtrooper-1b giphy-3 tumblr_n06su2DuTh1r7sku3o1_500 lando.0 tusken_raider_exults OwmXj tumblr_mr88pd1Qiw1rko9o5o1_500 13064 635957595623145818417050817_6359575319722296142023098150_anigif_optimized-15077-1450369055-9 tumblr_mh7z46YlMv1rlapeio1_500 tumblr_nklpgpz8rm1tglu4no1_500 anigif_enhanced-buzz-26128-1380119639-13 Fpkz2Va tumblr_nvhodxUe0X1tr5nloo1_500 tumblr_mzvjht9eay1s2wio8o1_500 hansolo-fault thenug-7rwO53rjy0 tumblr_mzcku2GTQN1toamj8o1_500 star-wars-animated-gif-30 giphy-2 giphy andreas-niklas---falcon-in-hyperdrive ku-xlarge thenug-z92reh5dZY star-wars-its-a-trap thenug-EpRCE20DrW c3po nXCPIDE4037000-tumblr_lzntr6po1d1rnfjl2o1_500 w6a9fU tumblr_na8aijffM91rg0lgoo3_500R1ZREoe tumblr_nlvwsgzoX81rp0vkjo1_500 3quPWlO giphy tumblr_njdrz0Y8G21rsrbdko1_500 tumblr_mkse9pETqW1r7uqj6o2_500 0bf8d7d412e3c089de7fd0365aedb4009b50bf31_hq tumblr_mguh41c66b1qfk87to3_500

Sorry, not sorry for crashing your web browser.

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