Matteo Scher Loves New York on New EP “Something Good”

New York has been the city of dreams and the destination of many for decades. The unique mix of peoples, cultures, and metro-urban challenges have molded some of history’s most memorable entertainers, and Matteo Scher may be the city’s next musical shooting star.

With a smooth throwback style reminiscent of Billy Joel, Tom Odell and Elton John, Matteo revisits classic songwriting ideas with a breath of fresh air. His experiences living in New York City and his passion for creation ultimately led to the release of the Something Good EP, led by the bittersweet single “New York and Me.”

Matteo Scher is working hard right now and gigging nightly all across NYC, so if you’re in the tri-state region (NY/NJ/PA) you should definitely take the time to check out one of his gigs. Grab a cocktail and a friend and hit the big city for a night of music provided by the classiest of young songwriters, Matteo Scher!

Stream his new EP Something Good via Spotify below!