Man Throws Away $10,000 In Lottery Tickets

Would you throw away your lottery tickets without checking to see if they were winners? Probably not, but that’s what one Georgia man did before finding out they were worth 10 grand.


And promptly fainting before returning to get them

Cedric Jackson visited Rick’s Food Mart in Rome on Saturday and bought Cash 3 tickets. When he thought he didn’t play the winning numbers, he asked owner Sarabjeet “Ricky” Singh to throw away his old tickets. Later that day, he realized he threw away the winning tickets and returned to the store with girlfriend Kizie Donaldson, in hopes of getting the tickets back.

Jackson explained the situation and clerk Jaswant “Sunny” Singh looked through the trash can at the counter, but couldn’t find the tickets. Jackson didn’t give up hope, as he looked through a dumpster with no luck. Luckily, Ricky Singh remembered what happened. He dumped the contents from the trash can on the counter into a taller trash can inside an office and was able to recover the tickets. After they were found, he made some phone calls and found Jackson to tell him the good news.


Jackson after receiving the tickets

Jackson went to the Dalton office of the Georgia Lottery to cash in his winnings Monday. With his money, he felt lucky and went back to Rick’s Food Mart later that day to try his luck with some scratch-off tickets.

Via: Northwest Georgia News

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