This Majora’s Mask Teaser Trailer Will Blow You Away

Zelda fans may never get that movie or Netflix series, but Ember Lab, in collaboration with Theophany, are putting together something incredibly special.

Above is a teaser trailer for a Majora’s Mask short film, and it’s perfectly executed in a way that would have Nintendo executives slack-jawed. This truly is the Zelda property that all fans have longed for, and we’re finally getting it. Sure, Ocarina of Time would be first choice for many, but who’s to say Emer Lab won’t go down that road after they finish Majora’s Mask?

The best part about this is that Emer Lab are not going down the live-action route, and are sticking to CGI. And just in case you’re curious, this is the translation of the Japanese heard in the beginning of the video:

あの仮面… ムジュラの仮面 That mask… Majora’s mask…

信じなさい Please Believe or Have Hope…

The Orange, California-based studio will have the film ready later this year, and we implore you to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube and check out their website to keep tabs on their upcoming projects.

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