M. Night Shyamalan Is Finally Giving Us What We Want

Movie fans, and M. Night Shyamalan fans, have likely seen the 2000 classic Unbreakable featuring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. For those of you who haven’t, go watch it and then get back to us.

Anyway, what we’re getting at is with regards to that film, which might just be his best movie depending on who you ask. And don’t worry about spoilers, because M. Night took care of all of that in this tweet where he announced his new film:

That’s right, folks. M. Night is giving us a proper sequel to Unbreakable and Split, in the form of Glass. If you’ve seen Unbreakable then the name Glass will already be familiar, since, well… it’s Samuel L. Jackson. In the original film, Willis plays a character who survives multiple near-death experiences, and is… yeah, unbreakable. Spoiler alert: he can drown. Samuel L. Jackson, however, plays a wheelchair-bound man who is pretty much like the chocolate salesman from SpongeBob who makes up that act about having paper skin and glass bones.

That’s basically Samuel L. Jackson’s character in a nutshell, without the conning and chocolate selling. Oh, he’s also obsessed with Bruce Willis’ character.

Curious as to when the film will be coming out? Don’t be.

Boom. Do with this knowledge what you will, just don’t chase around Bruce or Samuel (or anyone else who will be in the film) and try to steal their powers. Also, that wouldn’t work for Sam J since… we’ve been over this.

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