New Jersey’s Lucy The Elephant Takes On PETA

If you’ve ever been to New Jersey as a tourist you may have heard of Lucy the Elephant, a giant hollow wooden beast that can be found south of Atlantic City. Historically, she’s been a restaurant, a business office, and even a tavern. However, contrary to popular belief, she’s never been a hotel.

Today she’s simply a museum-esque historic landmark with a sweet ocean view. Now Lucy is making a political stand against PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Y’all can tell Dumbo and Babar to step aside…

Spokespeople from PETA want to place a banner on Lucy in exchange for about $2,000. PETA’s plan was to raise awareness about the abuse of circus elephants. They also wanted to construct a giant teardrop under Lucy’s eye, cause Lucy is clearly gang affiliated. However, Lucy’s team is having none of that and has no intention of selling out. Robert McGuigan, board member on the Save Lucy Committee, had this to say about PETA’s offer.

“Cruelty to animals is abhorrent, but given the divisive nature of some of PETA’s campaigns, Lucy is much better off seeking ‘no strings attached’ donations,” 

Lucy is currently in need of funds for repairs and has survived many attempts to be torn down to make way for more hotels, because people really need to stay overnight in New Jersey.

I know I mock Jersey… like, a lot… but any place where a man can be a CEO of a freaking elephant is clearly doing something right.

Richard Helfant, who’s the CEO of the Lucy the Elephant team, said, “Lucy is a happy place. We must always insure that children who visit Lucy have a happy experience and leave with smiles on their faces. Anything that could sadden a child is not acceptable here at Lucy.

Because if New Jersey needed to go down in history for something, it’d be the elephants, because heaven knows they need some PR.

To continue, “While every donation is important to an almost completely self-funded non-profit organization, this one comes with too many conditions, Lucy is a National Historic Landmark whose mission is historic preservation. We must be diligent in maintaining her stature as an NHL.” Hopefully Lucy will get the money and repairs she is in desperate need of through less controversial methods. Nobody, especially an elephant who has been condemned to live in New Jersey since the late 1800’s, deserves to go down in history with their only relic being an episode of Weird NJ, as can be seen below.

Despite that last statement, it should be noted that Lucy is actually a male elephant, due to his tusks. One of the owners, Sophia Gertzen, gave him the name Lucy, long after his creation in the late 1800’s. Whether or not this means Lucy is short for Lucifer or Lucius is a story for another day, though I feel obliged to say it is fitting that we couldn’t bring up New Jersey in an article without mentioning the king of the underworld.

Make sure you visit the gift shop and buy this Lucy the Elephant Christmas tree ornament, because this is New Jersey and Lucy needs some money.


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