Liverpool CEO Ian Ayre To Step Down In 2017

Ian Ayre did a great job during his stint as Liverpool CEO, from a financial standpoint. From a football standpoint, however, he wasn’t exactly the man that saved the Reds.

Are joined Liverpool in 2007 as a commercial director and in 2009 joined the club’s board of directors. In 2011 he was promoted to managing director and in 2013/14 he became CEO. Fenway Sports Group will surely be indebted to his services, but the fans won’t feel the same way.

That’s because he’s been heavily involved in Liverpool’s transfer committee as the main negotiator. He’s the one who personally flew around the world to make sure that Liverpool spent obscene amounts of money on players like Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Roberto Firmino among others. The latter has worked out thus far, but there’s been a Balotelli for every Coutinho, so he’s not exactly like the Princeline Negotiator or anything.

Anyway, Liverpool released a full statement on their website and revealed that Ayre made the decision to step down before the whole ticket price crisis.

“We asked him on several occasions to take some time to reconsider his decision, but have been unable to convince him to remain as CEO beyond May 2017. We will at some point in the near future begin identifying and recruiting a worthy successor to continue to build on the outstanding foundations which have been laid by Ian. ” said principal owner John W. Henry, chairman Tom Werner and president Mike Gordon

Ayre will maintain his position until May of 2017. The man of the hour also had his say in the statement.

“Having been brought up in the shadow of Anfield, I have found it the most profound privilege to serve the club I have supported all my life. The driving principle behind every decision I have taken during my time here has been to do the best for the long-term stability and health of this great football club.” he said.

“In the remaining 15 months I have as CEO, I will continue to provide FSG, Jürgen, the players and all the brilliant staff at Liverpool ongoing strategic leadership and a smooth transition.”

Luckily for him, the club finally got their hands on a legit manager so there’s  aged chance he’ll be able to ride off into the sunset when he does call it quits after the 2016/17 season.


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