Live Giant Squid Just Doing Its Thing In A Japanese Harbor

Everybody get excited, cause a live giant squid was filmed taking a leisurely swim in a Japanese harbor.

There are certain creatures that get everyone stoked and the giant squid is pretty high up on that list. It’s likely the inspiration for many tall tales about krakens and sea monsters, so it’s always cool to see these things. We have so many cameras littered around the deep sea to try and spot these things, but only rarely do we get a look. What’s more, we usually find these guys when they’re already dead, so seeing a live one in a harbor is pretty awesome.

Our giant little friend swam into Toyama Bay on Christmas Eve and spent a few hours just hanging around while people gawked at him. His size of 12 feet indicates that he’s likely a juvenile of the species, as adults generally reach 43 feet in length. Swim on, little dude.


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