Less Than Jake’s “Sound The Alarm” Is A Mixed Bag

Less than Jake’s ninth EP fights valiantly to live up to the hard-hitting name of “Sound the Alarm.” While the EP is composed of a solid batch of songs, the EP left me wanting more.

Overall, the EP supplies seven very well-crafted and shaped songs. However, each track left me wanting to hear something a little new, a little different from LTJ songs of the past.

This EP has fallen victim to many of the same issues that plague recent LTJ releases. One or two of the songs are certified standouts, while the others just…exist. It isn’t to say that they’re not good tunes, they just don’t particularly shine like previous some of the tracks found on previous releases.

That said, where the album excels it does so with style. This EP boasts some of LTJ’s most reflective lyrical content in a long time. The listener takes a musical trip with the band, reflecting on years of music, friendship and experience. This journey leaves listeners feeling spent, and emotionally invested in the ups and downs of the members of the band.

The album has an excellent backend, with the last two tracks in particular standing out. “Things Change” is a loud in-your-face anthem reminding listeners that, like death and taxes, change is unavoidable.  The intro to the album leads in with a stress-inducing (in a good way) bass intro that helps listeners get drawn into the strong heavy-handed pop punk/Ska that Less Than Jake is known for.

While the EP starts and ends with a bang, the overarching issue dampening the album is consistency. As aforementioned, the songs don’t fall flat, but they struggle to stand on their own. All in all the EP is worth a listen and a purchase — support your bands, mates! The EP adds to the barnburners that Less than Jake already have on the docket for their live shows — just don’t expect to be blown away.

Contributed by Elio Vezza