Legend Of Zelda Reimagined As Hong Kong Crime Drama On YouTube

There are some things that video game fans have been pining for but haven’t been given. One of those things is a properly done Zelda series.

Netflix is rumored to be working on a full-fledged Zelda series, but it remains to be seen whether or not that’ll happen. However, we do know that The Legend of Zelda is being reimagined as a Hong Kong crime drama courtesy of YouTube channel DaysideTv.

The plot for the parody revolves around a modern-day Link who works for the Hong Kong police department and quits the force to go it alone with hopes of rescuing Princess Zelda from Ganon and his crime empire.

DaysideTv is known for producing live-action adaptations based on popular video games like our mates at Fury Fingers, and we love when people help make our childhood dreams come true. You can check out the short film below!

No word on whether or not they’ll be making more installments or if this was just a one-time thing, but it was pretty cool. So, what do you think about their project?


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