Kim Kardashian Suggests Edit Feature For Twitter

If Twitter decides to add an edit feature to tweets we’ll have Kim Kardashian to thank for it. Plenty of us would like Twitter to have an edit feature, but not many of us have the pull that Kim does to make it happen. On Thursday, she tweeted that she emailed Twitter and recommended that the website adds an edit feature so tweets can easily be corrected, instead of deleted and rewritten. Her suggestion came days after Nicki Minaj felt snubbed over the VMA nominations and got into an argument with Taylor Swift over Twitter.

After Swift claimed Minaj pits women against other women, Katy Perry got into the argument. She took an indirect approach to explain how Swift “capitalizes on the take down of a woman.” Perry’s tweet contained grammatical errors and was unable to be edited.

While we don’t know if Kardashian’s suggestion was related to the Twitter dispute between Minaj and Swift, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is considering making her suggestion a reality. He quickly responded, saying she has a “great idea,” and stated, “we’re always looking at ways to make things faster and easier.” We’ve all had a time when we had to delete and rewrite a tweet, so this would be a great idea for Twitter, it’s just a shame that it took a socialite’s inquiry to make it happen when countless other have, undoubtedly, asked for the same.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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