Kesha: Sony Offered Me “Freedom” To Recant Rape Allegations

Just when you thought a massive corporation like Sony couldn’t stoop any lower, they went and did just that.

The pop-star in distress posted a photo on Instagram alleging that Sony offered her a way out of her contract, on one massive condition.

Yeah, Sony are so desperate to keep Dr. Luke on their books that they’ve offered to give Kesha her “freedom” so long as she publicly apologizes and renounces her claims that she was raped by Gottwald. TMZ are even reported that Sony won’t so much as sit at a table with Kesha’s people (attorney Mark Geragos) unless Kesha clears Dr. Luke, who isn’t even a fucking doctor.

The Instagram post managed to move Wendy Williams, in case any of you care, who previously went on the record and essentially said that Kesha should’ve filmed her rape if she wanted her claims to be believed. Glad we’ve come so far as a society that gossip talk show hosts have an option that people actually care about.

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