Kate McKinnon To Star In Netflix “Magic School Bus” Reboot

Netflix has announced plans to reboot the classic edutainment franchise “The Magic School Bus,” with a news series, and they’ve got current “Saturday Night Live” darling Kate McKinnon on board as Ms. Frizzle.

She reportedly auditioned to play the lizard, but it’s a pantomime character, so Frizzle was the next best thing.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, Lily Tomlin ain’t dead, or even retired, why not have her return? Reportedly, McKinnon’s Ms. Frizzle will be the sister of the original Ms. Frizzle.

The show is being developed with the working title “The Magic School Bus 360°,” and this incarnation of the series will employ three-dimensional computer-generated animation. According to reports, Netflix was inspired to develop the spin-off due to the popularity of the original series on their platform.

And here I thought that episode where the kids got ejaculated on by fish did not age well.

Stu Stone, who played Ralphie in the original cartoon, will serve as producer on the reboot and confirmed that some of the original child-actors who appeared on the animated show will make cameos.

It’s a very top secret field trip that Miss Frizzle is taking the kids on. I’m a little bit old to be in the fifth grade, so I’m not here to say that I’m officially in Miss Frizzle’s class, but I will say that I went to the classroom and I saw some of my old classmates there.” he said in a statement.

“I also ran into some new kids–there’s a lot of new kids and generations on the show. Just like the original series when Miss Frizzle has friends, they were usually voiced by celebrities. There are tons of cameos, I know that there are big stars that want to be involved in this.

Once again this shows just how powerful online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are. They’re able to keep up satiated with a wide array of old and new content, and can even harness the power of nostalgia with reboots that we may or may not want. And good call on the Ms. Frizzle casting choice, Netflix.

Also yes, that guy who was in ‘Mean Girls’ who sounds like Carlos was really the kid who voiced Carlos.

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