Kanye Fans Want Yeezy To Play Super Bowl LI

In what’s likely the least surprising piece of entertainment news this year, Kanye West fans around the world are joining forces to try and get Yeezy to perform at Super Bowl LI.

The only thing that’s actually surprising about this is that Kanye himself wasn’t the one to create the call to action. TeamKanyeDaily started the Twitter hashtag KanyeWestForSuperBowl51 after the possibility of Adele performing was quashed by the NFL. Fans around the world are tweeting to the NFL, commissioner Goodell and Pepsi to try and make it happen. That said, they usual opt for performances that won’t result in some like a nip slip, giant dick guitar silhouette or MIA giving the finger.

Which gives us all the more reason to actually think this could happen. The only real question withstanding: does Kanye think that Kanye is too big for the Super Bowl?

You can see some of the tweets below.

Its likely that it would be one of the greatest Super Bowl performances OF ALL TIME, if they let him finish.

What’s the verdict: Do YOU want to see Kanye perform at the Super Bowl?

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