Just Gift Proves He’s Truly A Gift To Rap

Hip-hop has always been postured as a left-of-center genre. Besides that, it has also (occasionally) been left behind by critics and music snobs as a lesser art form when compared to classical, pop, and rock.

Some deride rapping for not being a true vocal talent, like singing leads and harmonies. Others proclaim sampling and rearranging previously made records doesn’t count as creating original music. These worries are surely fading further into the back of the conscience of a new crop of rappers, a whole rising generation of artists who combine sampling with live instrumentation and rapping with singing, à la Drake, albeit with more raw talent and a greater thirst to bend genre.

Just Gift, the Austin based artist, rapper, and overall likable fella, keeps it straight and simple, refined and elegant, all the while partaking in this new train of thought. He mashes genres, combines soulful singing with Grade-A-USDA-Choice bars, has an ear for production, and lets listeners take it as they will.

Understandably proud of his creation, Just Gift proclaims “I made that,” and delivers his craft with confidence throughout his new single “Out Of Date,” which premiered on Sway’s Universe earlier this week.

Resurfacing at his hometown’s SXSW music festival, he spit a dense mouthful of rhymes at an event hosted by the legendary Sway Calloway as part of his Sirius XM program Sway In The Morning to a crowd of receptive hip-hop heads.

With more surely on the way, we’re excited to see the future for Just Gift, and to hear the gifts he’ll bestow upon us and his legion of fans.

Eric Cullen is a multimedia artist and musician, known as Cully on the stage and in the hearts of many. When you're done reading his wonderful musings on music, art, and culture you can check out his music on Soundcloud under the moniker Coolest Cully.