Josh Gordon Could Miss The 2015 Season

More bad news for you Cleveland sports fans. Not even two months after the ink dried on what could’ve been a playoff run it looks like your number one attacking threat will miss even more time. After serving his 12 game suspension, Josh Gordon came back to the league and played only a handful of games before serving another, albeit small, ban. Now he could miss the entire 2015 season for his fourth violation of the league’s substance abuse policy.

What did he test positive for this time you ask? Alcohol. Seems like the punishment is a bit severe for just drinking, but since he was arrested for DWI last year the league is allowed to test him for alcohol and, well, he dropped the ball again. With uncertain futures for both Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel this latest news about Gordon isn’t exactly well timed, but then again when is it ever?

Sorry all you Browns fans, looks like it’s back to square one. Good thing your secondary is still pretty damn mean and you have a solid running game now! Positives, think of the positives.

Via Yahoo

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