Johnny Manziel’s Vegas Trip Was Funnier Than We Thought

Johnny Manziel doesn’t really care about playing football, we know that. While this is bad news bears for the Browns, it’s hilarious and entertaining for everyone else.

Last week, Johnny was unreachable by the Browns before their game against the Steelers. USA Reported that he was spotted at a Las Vegas casino playing blackjack just the night before – the night before their last game of the regular season. Johnny wasn’t able to play in the game due to a concussion, but it’s a bad look when you decide to just slag off your team entirely… and go to Vegas instead. On Sunday morning, he was a no-show for mandatory concussion checkup. That’s all pretty standard, but this is where it gets good.

Last night, Mitch Moss of ESPN Las Vegas reported some news that sounds like something straight from The Onion.

Yeah, Johnny Football wore a fake stache, blonde wig and glasses to a club to try and disguise himself. He really should’ve consulted Dana Carvey beforehand.


If this story were about anyone else I’d say “Nahhhh, that’s a load of crap,” but this is Johnny Football we’re talking about here – anything is possible. More information about Manziel’s little Vegas trip was relayed to the ever trusty BroBible by some local Vegas sources. They said Manziel kept introducing himself as “Billy” while at a popular club and was there till roughly 3-4am. Initially he asked to have his bill comped because he didn’t have cash and didn’t want to put it on his card. But, in true Manziel fashion, he eventually said “fuck it” and put the bill on his car.

Manziel was stationed with his crew at a VIP table close to the DJ booth – an area that’s located in the darkest area of the club. He even ate at the club’s restaurant before going clubbing and, yes, he ate with his disguise on.

Twitter has since gone nuts with the Billy Manziel hashtag, but this is the only tweet you really need to see.

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