Jetts Want You To Forget About Hoverboards

Hoverboards, the scourge of 2015, could possibly be on their way out… but not before they’re replaced by some other ridiculous fad.

Razor — yes, the dudes who make those rad scooters — have come up with a little something they call Jetts, and I can’t wait to see people bust their assess with these things. For 40 bones you too can have sneakers with wheels on them, because that’s all we’ve ever wanted… isn’t it?

Alright, they’re basically Heelys with a little twist. You strap some little setup on your shoe and bam — you’ve got wheels on your heels that shoot out sparks like it’s Chinese New Year. These ridiculous things are yours to wear as long as you weigh less than 176 pounds. This is usually when we’d put a video in here to show you what’s up, but it looks like Razor took that bad boy down. Luckily, Gizmodo made a gif from the clip so we have something to show you.


Seriously, I can’t wait to see people rolling around and busting ass in these. Wherever there are rollers… there will be haters. So, despite what I’ve just said about wanting to see you bail — do your thing, people. I’m just hatin’. Seriously, though… it’s gonna be fun watching you fail.


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