Linsanity Who? Jeremy Lin Unrecognized In Hornets Arena

Recognizing athletes is pretty difficult for a lot of people, but it might be a little unusual for security guards who work in a sports arena to not recognize athletes who call that arena home. One security guard had that problem, as he failed to recognize Jeremy Lin when the former Rockets player showed up to the Time Warner Cable Arena for the first time.

Last week, the recently-signed guard was featured in an Adidas ad where he portrayed a trainer in a gym. This week, he tried to get into the Hornets arena as, well, himself. A security guard didn’t believe Lin was a Hornets player, or even the former “Linsanity” star, and was reluctant to let the new Hornet enter the arena. Lin took to Twitter to laugh off the incident.

A Hornets spokesman had no comment about the situation. However, something can be said about how it must be humbling and rewarding for Lin to go from a star with the New York Knicks to a new player for the Hornets who can’t get past the front door.


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