IVANNA Usher In A New Era Of Etherial ’90s Synth Pop

Swedish experimental pop group IVANNA kicked off the New Year with a bang, as their new album “Leaving Town” was clearly made for us music junkies to groove out to.

You might not know this, but IVANNA is not new to the music scene, even though their name might be. In fact, the group debuted their first album in 2001 under the moniker Dolly Daggers, but they were also known as The Modern Love. The change in name, coupled with a change in sound and style, helped the group evolve into more of a ‘90s pop-punk band, something that suits them quite well.

The group consists of lead singer Ludvig Sersam, who composed and produced “Leaving Town,” followed by his two brothers Jonatan (piano, harmonicas) and Valdemar Sersam (drums), as well as Johan Dahlbom (from the synth pop band Alice in videoland) and Simon Söfelde (guitars). The combination of various styles stemming from ‘80s and ‘90s pop rebuilt the group’s entire sound.

Ludvig’s sharp, airy vocals drive the folky pop structure of their innovative guitar structures. All the while, the addition of a synth piano adds a unique spin to the solid fingerpicking and strumming acoustics featured in “My Love,” with occasional lively percussion sprinkled in some arrangements like “Tuesday.”

The uniqueness of this album successfully taps into a more relevant pop-punk approach, which hits their specific fan base. Coming from Bakery Allstars Recordings, IVANNA is a group to look out for in the future. If you are into artists like Fleetwood Mac and Lucinda Williams, then Leaving Town will be an enjoyable listen.

And speaking of listening, you can do so on the group’s SoundCloud.