Ivan Beecroft Shows Us Where His Mojo Comes From

Australia-based pop artist Ivan Beecroft is back in action and ready for the release of his first single “Believe” from his upcoming album of the same name. His retro rock and complex style balances the mood of the track, taking on the difficult topic of relationships and its struggles. Although released in 2017, the production of this single could easily be mistaken for a track released in the ’90s.

Beecroft uniquely combines a variety of musical styles and utilizes his command over multiple instruments to create this piece. There are definitely a lot of sonic devices to listen for; energetic guitars, punchy drums, and classically driven keyboards are just the few additions that make the single pop. Beecroft’s distinctly baritone vocals only heighten and texturize the style he plays.

Much of Beecroft’s influences come from the grueling working conditions he endured during his tenure as a steel worker, specifically an incident involving a co-worker’s hand getting caught in the machinery. Letting his experiences influence his style of writing has been the most rewarding aspect of Beecroft’s musical journey.

This single can resonate with music lovers of all kind who are in tune to a positive spirit. Ivan’s sound is clearly impacted by the deep vocals of Jim Morrison and Eddie Vedder, but also that of his parents’ record collection including the Glenn Miller Band, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. Anyone who is a fan of these artists will most definitely find Ivan Beecorft’s “Believe” a treat!