ISIS Claim Responsibility For Jakarta Attacks

Merely two days after attacking an historic district in Turkey, ISIS have taken credit for another attack that’s killed at least four and injured 20.

Explosions and gunfire erupted in the Indonesian capital Thursday morning, as multiple suicide bombers attacked four locations in close proximity. After police killed the remaining assailants they found six homemade bombs. Authorities say the militants came from Solo, a city on Indonesia’s main island of Java.

“We have detected communications between a Syrian group and the Solo group,” said Deputy Police Chief Budi Gunawan.

Indonesia has been on high alert since December, when police arrested several ISIS militants who were planning holiday attacks.

“There’s been clamor among the ISIS community in Indonesia for [the militant group] to do something to show ISIS central leadership that Indonesia is important also,” said Todd Elliott, a terrorism analyst from Concord Consulting.

Local ride sharing services as well as motorcycle taxis offered free rides for those coming from the attack sites. The people of Indonesia have since taken to Twitter to say that they don’t fear the terrorists and will remain strong.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo feels the same way, saying “We should not be afraid and defeated by acts of terror like this,”

When will the madness end?


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