Instagram To Challenge Twitter, Snapchat With ‘Spotlight’

Since nobody likes to see life through their own eyes these days it makes plenty of sense that social media giants are championing things like live feeds and moments. Snapchat’s Live Stories and Twitter’s Moments have been a pretty solid success and Instagram is looking to break up their duopoly with ‘Spotlight Compilations.’


Instagram’s internally titled Spotlight Compilations are vertical slideshows of videos related to a theme. They’ll appear in the Spotlight section right at the top of the Explore tab. The feature had only been used over the last few months for holidays, but Instagram have begun working out how they can use it for big musical festivals and news events. That’s likely the plan going forward, but its become so popular over the last week or so that Instagram’s community team has been coming up with themes on the fly just to catch up with the demand.instagram-spotlight

Gabe Madway, Instagram’s communications manager, says Spotlight is “where you go to discover things you don’t follow but might end up following. Things you never expected to see.”

It’s a much-needed addition to an app that has a huge following, but begs for a little something extra to spice things up. That’s why they’ve released standalone app tools like Boomerange GIFs, Layout collages and Hyperlapse timelapses. What’s more, Spotlight Compilations provide heavy exposure for content creators.

“Every piece of content there has attribution” says Madway. “That is something we hope will spread the word about the talented people who use the platform.”

Smart move, Instagram. See, Snapchat Live Stories don’t show you who made the clips and that lack of discovery gave rise to apps like Slinger, that allow you to save Snapchat stories and check out the most popular creators. With Instagram, they know that if they show off the talent of their stars then they’ll keep coming back for more, and so will their fans. Plus, there’s the incentive of getting Instagram famous.


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