Iceland Offers England Footballers Free Whale Watching Holiday

Only a few things are certain in life: Death, taxes and England’s Three Lions choking when it really matters most. Their latest defeat by Iceland, which is probably the greatest footballing upset in their history, meant that the Britons had to suffer two Brexits in a week.

Manager Roy Hodgson resigned immediately after the collapse and the social media world had an absolute field day. Hell, even EU chief Donald Tusk took the piss after the game.

That said, nobody had as much fun as the Icelandic supporters and Icelandic company North Sailing, who offered free whale watching tickets to England’s footballers and England supporters.

North Sailings Facebook post

Icelandic commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson, the dude who went mental when Iceland beat Austria, also had a field day, screaming, “Boo if you like England!”

“You can go home. You can go out of Europe. You can go wherever the hell you want. England 1, Iceland 2 is the closing score here in Nice.”

It’s worth noting that he’s gone from being a viral sensation to having no job in the span of four days, but no worries, it was only his assistant manager gig at KR Reykjavik. He’ll still be commentating.

Isn’t it amazing what team with a “small mentality” can do? We’re looking at you, Cristiano.


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