Horror Writer Stephen King Toys With Donald Trump

The man who gave us “Carrie” and “The Shining” has decided to contend with the current leader of the free world, and their battleground is (you guessed it) Twitter. That’s right, the master of the horror genre himself has even written a ghost story of sorts about the current administration.

Although, personally, I always found “Carrie” to be more escapist fantasy than horror. She gets to be princess for a night…and slaughter her enemies!

Last week, after Trump claimed that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election, Mr. King took to Twitter to craft his own potential horror story regarding the claims — be warned, it gets a little scary towards the end. Okay, it’s not as scary as King’s other works, but people who love their strawberry ice cream, and would be traumatized by reading anything happening to it, are advised to say their prayers.

King joined Twitter back in December 2013, and his occasional forays into the political realm on the social media platform have shown that the’s not the biggest fan of Republicans.

Wow, he was afraid of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Macro Rubio running for President? As in, he thought they’d be the worst choice? I guess April 16, 2015 was just a simpler time, then.


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