Christmas Comes Early For Homeless New Orleans Man

And you thought the American habit of starting Christmas a little early was a bad thing, didn’t you?

It's just Philly, no Cher or Madonna, except he's a value to humanity.

It’s just Philly, no surname… like Cher or Madonna, except he’s of value to humanity.

Meet Philly, a man without a home who still embraced the holiday season. According to reports, he put up a Christmas tree near his tent to celebrate the holiday.

My purpose was to bring hope, restore hope and smiles,” he said in an interview. Unfortunately, city-workers removed the tree… twice even!

After a friend successfully retrieved the tree from a dumpster it was removed a second time.

Do I even need to say it?

When community members heard what happened to Philly they sprung into action like superheroes. They donated nine Christmas trees to Philly and gave him a multitude of presents for the holiday.

The ever-kindhearted Philly, in true holiday spirit, decided to share his gifts with other homeless people in the community.

I don’t know how it happened [and] I haven’t seen it happening a lot but all of a sudden people are hugging each other,” he said with a smile. “That’s my reward.”

Personally, I would’ve liked to hear that someone gave Philly a nice home — at the veery least for the holidays, but we can’t all be like Philly, now  can we?

There can be only one Philly, like Highlander, and it’s our civil duty to honor him and try to emulate his good will. Let’s all follow Philly’s example and remember that this is the season of love and togetherness, regardless of what holiday you celebrate, and we should do all we can to help our fellow citizens… regardless of what time of year it is.


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